Tianjin Yida electroplating Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as YIDA)was established in 1994, is the first domestic supplier of surface treatment for automotive brake caliper enterprises - LVLB, is also the first domestic supplier of surface treatment for Schneider Electric electronic components, with more than 25 years of metal stamping, automotive and electrical and electronic instruments and components industry surface treatment experience technology.

Before 1994, YIDA was mainly engaged in the stamping business of bicycles and electrical and electronic components. Since its establishment in 1994, YIDA has been committed to providing surface treatment services for parts and components for the automotive, electronic equipment and machinery industries. At present, YIDA has 7 automatic production lines and 2 manual production lines, and can provide surface treatment services for the following mainstream industries: galvanizing, galvanized nickel alloy, anodizing, barrel nickel plating, barrel silver plating, barrel copper plating, barrel tin plating, chemical nickel and electrostatic powder coating, etc. YIDA has mature technology, perfect management system, advanced quality control equipment, sound quality management system and sufficient production capacity in the above fields. To ensure the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

Due to the strategic development of the company as well as for better supporting services to strategic partners, Xiaogan branch was formed in 2016 and started supporting customers in 2017 after the approval of mass production through customer review, and moved to Xiaogan City, Hubei Province in 2019 as a whole.

Since 2002,YIDA has continuously obtained IATF 16949 automotive quality management system (Q.M.S) and ISO 9001 Q.M.S certification.

YIDA respects the enterprise spirit of "Endeavor,Pragmatic,Innovation,Excellence",  and abides by the business philosophy of "honesty-based, go all out, quick response, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", and constructs the "sustainable development". "Harmony Yida Mode", relying on first-class quality, reasonable price and excellent after-sales service, enjoys an excellent reputation among customers and peers. 

Our customers include ZF, Bosch, Schneider Electric, TDK, Advics, Maruyasu, etc. Our brake calipers and steering products are mainly supplied to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, GM, Audi, Nissan, Great Wall, Dongfeng and other domestic and foreign OEMs, providing a one-stop solution from metal stamping to electroplating surface treatment for industrial supporting platforms in Hubei Province and surrounding provinces and cities.

Ingenuity: more than twenty years of brilliance, derived from your trust; more than twenty years of honor, from your affirmation; more than twenty years, thank you for allowing me to continue to pursue, self-perfection, so that I create countless brilliance and miracles.

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